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How to organize Book Series in a READING JOURNAL with Mini Envelopes or Tea Bag Paper

I want to organize the book series I read flexible. My solution: Using tea bag paper and mini envelopes. It was so much fun to fold the envelopes. The tee paper smells good.

The video using tea bag paper and cute mini envelopes in a reading journal:

Items used in the video:

Dr. Hauschka cosmetic: (*)
Perfectly Penned: (*)
Meßmer Tea: (*)
Glitter washi tape: (*)
Claude Monet pen paper: (*)
Photo corners: ( *Affiliate Links)

0:08 Using Hydrating Hand Cream
0:28 Writing the title
0:46 Cutting tea bag paper
1:30 Using glitter washi tape
2:35 Cutting letter writing paper for mini envelopes
3:06 Folding mini envelopes
4:20 Glue the envelope corners
6:00 Glue photo corners
7:36 How to use the book series set up

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